Our Patients

At Libbey Family Dentistry, our patients are truly friends and family. We treat patients of every age, and it is our personalized approach to dentistry that ensures your experience is comfortable and relaxing.

Young Children

At Libbey Family Dentistry, we believe that strong oral habits can be established at a young age. It is recommended that your child’s first dental appointment be scheduled between 1 and 2 years of age. Known as the “Happy Visit,” this first visit is focused on your child exploring, asking questions, and having fun! Our team will introduce your child to the importance of healthy teeth and good dental care habits, which are important for protecting those wonderful little smiles.

Older Children
With older children, our dental care approach is focused on maintaining oral health with an emphasis on prevention. Between the years of 6 and 15, Libbey Family Dentistry recommends the application of sealants on permanent molars to protect them against future decay. We also talk with older children about continuing good oral health habits and the importance of healthy food/drink choices.

Our adult care is focused on maintaining oral wellness and treating issues as they may arise. In particular, we work with our adult patients to prevent periodontal disease (which is inflammation or infection of the foundation for our teeth). Consistent and comprehensive dental care is key to enjoying a bright, healthy smile as we age.

Older Adults
We work with many older patients, providing personalized care for a variety of issues. Our office can fabricate and maintain removable dentures, as well as offer guidance on options for implant dentistry. We also work with our older patients to help them address oral side effects they may be experiencing as a result of their medication regimen, such as dry mouth or exposed roots due to recession of the gums.

Taking care of our patients is the most rewarding part of practicing dentistry. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable with us, and know that you are getting exceptional care. Come for a visit – we think you will agree that Libbey Family Dentistry is a very special place.

Drs. Chris and Annie Libbey